2 Apr 2010

A Tribute to the Crew

Where are we now? Everywhere.

Sometimes I wonder how each of our crew think of filming. Random thought came to my mind yesterday, so I made this teaser. Filming, or acting, is a way for us to escape from mortality. How? Our time on Earth is a countdown, so the roles we can play is limited. I wish to become a traveler, a natural historian, a sailor, a pilot, a storyteller, a filmmaker, a conservationist, a teacher, a student, a friend, a comrade, a beggar, a driver, an outcast, a tailor, a barber, a fishmonger, whosoever. Just to get every taste of life. Yet neither I nor we can. Out time is counted. So, by filming, we get a chance to play different roles.

Where Are We Now Teaser, 2010 copyrighted

And behind the scene, we play as brothers.


  1. 个人的独奏联合起来后,就是各自在大家的合奏上演出的时候。

  2. I am in chiba, japan...Haha you asked where are we now.. Nice editing. WE will be around the world, but if u need anyone of us just give us a ring, and we will be there. brotherhood

  3. 真让人回味的时光啊!!!我老矣。。老矣。。。我现在人在一个名不见传的小镇名叫金宝。。。

  4. Bravo Myth~ !
    And I'm still in Puchong ^^