18 Mar 2011

Handphone, Poladroid (with a 'd' in the middle, really), and Bus Interchange

A toddler and three babies. 2011. Digitally edited handphone photography.

Reflection. 2011. Digitally edited handphone photography.

Handphone photography coupled with mock polaroid effect has never been so easy until I met Poladroid. A salute to Paul Ladroid (whose name is surely fake to me, nice try) the inventor of this funny program. I guess this is a cheap way to join the movement of Land cameras before you have money to buy a real one.

Play with it and you will not regret. My suggestion is to couple it with your handy mobile. I prefer cheap handphones since their crappy lens and low resolution result give a more casual taste. Pick up your dad's handphone and forget about iPhones.


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