29 Apr 2011

如何把手机Lomo化 · How to dress up your handphone in a Lomo fashion

Material: as the following bolded words

You handphone might never capture pictures in films, but other Lomographic properties can be attached to it just by some simple steps.

Lomography的vignette可以用一个“面具”来制造。在此我用Milo罐上的锡纸,剪成一个正方形,然后中间掏出一个稍微小过镜框的正方形。你可以开着手机相机来调整位置,直到正方形的框刚好在正中间。注意,框的边长依手机相机的镜头而定(我给Nokia 3110c用的是2.5×2.5mm)。
The characteristic vignette can be bought out by a square mask in front of your handphone lens. I used the metal foil from Milo can and cut a square in the middle of it (the length of each side varies according to your lens' diameter; I used 2.5×2.5mm for Nokia 3110c).You can adjust the position of the mask by looking through the screen (with the camera function on of course).

Next the blurring effect caused by plastic lenses can be bought out as simply as a transparent tape, which is also required to fix the mask into position.

Here's the results, one for the indoor (above) and another for the outdoor (below) testing.

The Kookaburras. 2011. Nokia 3110c with masked lens.

Couple and an umbrella. 2011. Nokia 3110c with masked lens.

The resulting pictures carry the trademark vignette and blurry focus of Lomography, what's more it's done without any computer post-processing! Stay tuned for further work on this.

建议 / Further experimenting:
a) Using a coloured transparent tape might give extra filtering effect.
b) Those who excels in craftsmanship might wanna try other masking shape (e.g. star, heart, rectangular, circle). I chose square for the love of 120mm format.