10 Sep 2012

Absurdity of Life #1 | 日常上的荒谬事件(之一)

Project statement: Absurdity of Life (2012) is a personal photoproject in its first stage, it attempts to capture life's somewhat absurd settings in a humourous sense (largely inspired by classic street one liners such as those of Elliot Erwitt's). Street photography is about found object, and the right subjects only appear to those with a keen eye for these ubiquitous jokes - be it the kids for sale in a store, the suspiciously dangerous bricks, the even suspiciously dangerous fire valve, or our way to transplant a palm for greenery's sake. Get the joke, my friend ;-)

Kids for sale, Queen Street Mall, Brisbane
Kids for sale, Queen Street Mall, Brisbane. 2012. Pentax K1000. Kodak BW400CN expired.

Dangerous bricks, University of Queensland, Brisbane
Dangerous bricks, UQ, Brisbane. 2012. Self-developed Kodak 400TX.

Dangerous fire hose, University of Queensland, Brisbane
Dangerous fire valve, UQ, Brisbane. 2012.

To plant a palm, University of Queensland, Brisbane
To plant a palm, UQ, Brisbane. 2012.


  1. Very amusing. I think I got the jokes.

    1. Thank you Ryan! I found some of your work amusingly funny as well.

  2. Discovered a gem! :D Should continue this series haha

    1. Thanks man. We can make this one of our collaborative series. It's a shame I don't have time to continue this series so far, but will do so when I get time. I reckon there will be lots of subjects in KL too.