9 Oct 2011

Question #3

Question 3. What does a photographer do?

A photographer contemplates the nature of making photographs, the cerebral and emotional drive of working with a subject and process. Once this is accomplished, the photographer can then act to provide a physical form in which time can be manipulated or suspended to allow a subject to be thoughtfully examined.

Good photographers also take the time to wonder about their world and ponder how they can best analyze and express their thoughts and feeling to others. Wondering is part of the thinking process that lets one meditate on the possibilities. Wondering is a form of questioning old ways of knowing and can result in new ideas and different directions. Wondering encourages image-makers to summon the courage to take untested courses of action. Without wonder there is no speculation, which makes art and life boring and static.

R. Hirsch & J. Valentino (2001)

The photographer and his subject looking at a same object. 2008. Nikon D40X. Cropped.

我想 Hirsch 和 Valentino 没有提到的是摄影师和摄影对象的互动。身为一个东方人,我(和一些摄影的朋友们)都比较被动,难以找到前去攀谈的动力。可是这举动往往是揭发摄影对象背后故事的好方法。摄影师有时候是被引导的人 (passive)。当摄影师放下自己的习惯时,往往会被摄影对象引导至另一个新世界。


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